Oil & Gas Services rendered by Atlantic Light International Limited

We provide the following services:
Platform Facility Upgrade
Facility Maintenance
Corrosion Protection
Painting and Sandblasting
Oil & Gas Project and Management
Atlantic Light International Limited is a reputable fabrication and construction company. Since its establishment, it has being in the forefront of providing dynamic construction services to the Nigerian marine, oil and gas and energy sector.
In the area of facilities operation and maintenance (O &M) and asset management, Atlantic Light International Limited's technical staff has the capacity to carry out the operation to serve the varied need of customers in the marine and offshore oil and gas industries.
Corrosion protection, as one of the core areas of investments, Atlantic Light Limited International Limited provide corrosion protection to ships and metal structures in the marine, oil and gas industries, such as;
Power plant
Oil and petrochemical refineries
Storage tanks maintenance
Pipelines maintenance
Steel/Metal structures (Offshore and Onshore)
Palnts and Tank Cleaning
Protection Coating
Installation of Cathodes Protection system in above ground and underground pipes and vessels
Ship repairs and maintenance

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